Amerijet is preferred cargo carrier to the Caribbean Latin America and beyond from South Florida

Amerijet is preferred cargo carrier to the Caribbean Latin America and beyond from South Florida

DATE: 09/05/18

Florida has one of the world’s most extensive multimodal transportation systems that includes many commercial airports, deepwater seaports, as well as rail and ground infrastructures

Global trade is booming in the Miami and south Florida region. Florida has one of the world’s most extensive multimodal transportation systems that includes many commercial airports, deepwater seaports, as well as rail and ground infrastructures.

Miami International Airport (MIA) is an epicenter for both imports and exports, with international freight comprising more than 85 percent of its 2.25 million tons of freight carried in 2017, according to MIA figures. South America is the top trading region between this top cargo-generating airport followed by Central America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Amerijet International Airlines is a leading all-cargo air carrier based in MIA offering scheduled service on B767 and B727 freighter aircraft to 38 destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, as well as Central and South America. In its 40-year history, the carrier has formed close working relationships with many other airlines through interline agreements, giving it access to more than 625 global destinations. Plus, Amerijet is an experienced charter operator, with capabilities to bring in heavylift freighters or other aircraft worldwide.

“Most of our business generated directly out of south Florida is interline freight. Cargo comes in on passenger flights into Miami and consolidated on our freighters for transfer throughout the Caribbean and Latin America,” said Carlos Gonzales, Senior Director of Sales for Amerijet International.

Key exports from Miami International Airport

Electronics such as computers, industrial machinery and parts, telecomm equipment, as well as vehicle parts are key exports from MIA. Many of these types of commodities are shipped by Amerijet via its direct, scheduled service to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America, or via interline. “From south Florida, we handle oversized freight which can include hazardous materials, machinery and parts, such as for aircraft on the ground (AOG). We also ship a lot of outbound pharmaceuticals that are generated in the region, wearing apparel and live animals,” Gonzalez said.

As an all-cargo airline, Amerijet is able to handle freight that other carriers can’t, including all classes of hazardous materials such as flammables and both types of lithium batteries, and live animals, such as horses and cattle to Panama, the Dominican Republic, or an entire charter for cattle bound for Barbados.

“We have a reputation of doing what we say we’re going to do. Customers come to us because of our schedule integrity, consistency of service and our pricing,” Gonzalez said, noting the carrier is full service with extensive ground and door-to-door services, in addition to airport-to-airport and expedited services.

Whether you are a freight forwarder seeking specialty shipping services, or a direct shipper, Amerijet is your carrier of choice to 38 destinations, the Caribbean, Mexico, as well as, Latin America, complete with many staff who are dedicated specialists in their fields, with many bi-lingual or multi-lingual professionals.

Large-volume shippers such as freight forwarders primarily book freight via EDI with Amerijet. “But many freight forwarders also appreciate the new, enhanced MyCargo account interface used for managing their accounts,” Gonzales added. For more information about setting up your MyCargo account, please visit the FAQ : /en/Learn/How-to-setup-MyCargo.

Cold chain and pharma specialist

Perishable imports such as fruits, vegetables and fish are a large part of Amerijet inbound cargo from its Caribbean and Latin destinations. For exports, temperature-sensitive goods include pharmaceuticals. Recently, Amerijet was one of the first U.S.-based airlines to achieve IATA’s The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification at its Miami station. CEIV designates the carrier’s full compliance with national and international pharmaceutical shipping regulations and standards.

Amerijet accepts both active and passive cold-chain shipments at its Miami hub, with a custom-built cooling facility equipped with active alarm systems, temperature-data recorders and CCTV monitoring. Computer-monitored pharmaceutical cooling chambers provide storage environments for ambient, 15°C to 25°C, chilled at 2°C to 8°C, and frozen at -0°C shipments.

For shipping services between Miami and south Florida to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Latin America and beyond, email, or call (305) 506-2969.

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