The Importance of Cargo Tracking for Business Success

The Importance of Cargo Tracking for Business Success

DATE: 03/11/19

It’s estimated that up to 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. So here’s why cargo tracking is so important for the world.

Cargo tracking is important for businesses. Here’s why.

It’s estimated that up to 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry, and cargo shipping is more vital now than ever before.

Everyone across the globe benefits from shipping since we transport food, medicines, technology and other vital supplies. Without shipping the import and export of goods, our modern world might not even be possible.

And technology also gives us the ability to give customers a sense of confidence about the products they need to ship.

Quite simply, businesses today need efficient logistics solutions that use technology to enhance the client experience, and one of the most important is an efficient cargo tracking service.

It’s virtually impossible today to overemphasize the importance of cargo tracking. Any delays in shipment can lead to customer dissatisfaction – and financial losses.

In our age of globalization, businesses that rely on freight forwarders to get their shipments delivered expediently and on time need an efficient logistics partner like Amerijet International Airlines that can offer integrative services, including cargo tracking.

If you’re thinking about hiring a shipment and transportation provider, one of the first things you should ask is whether they have the technology to support cargo tracking, as Amerijet does.

The bottom line is that tracking systems are a way to boost a company’s growth by increasing efficiency in shipment or transportation.

Why Is Cargo Tracking Important Today?

In our digital age, the list of customer expectations that every business needs to provide just keeps getting longer. And at a time when people use GPS tracking systems on their smartphone to find everything from the nearest gas station to their favorite restaurant, this kind of logistics is something they expect.

Just ask Amazon.

With the percentage of consumers who now shop online, Amazon provides customers with the ability to track their packages once an order has shipped. Amazon’s website provides tracking information in a customer’s order details.

For a lot of customers, this is no longer something that’s nice to have – it’s mandatory.

The fact of the matter is, the future belongs to businesses that see this as an opportunity and can turn their shipping and tracking process into a strong marketing tool for new and existing customers.

Surveys today indicate that 80% of consumers want the ability to track their orders online or through their mobile device.

It’s important for businesses to give them that tool.

From the time your customers place an order to the time their shipment arrives, they now expect to be regularly updated on its delivery status – or to be able to track it themselves and easily manage all their shipping information.

For businesses that make a lot of shipments, finding a cargo shipping partner that offers cargo tracking is crucial. The global supply chain is complex, with a lot of handoff points. With Amerijet as your partner, you can track your high-value shipments from start to finish.

And it can be conveniently done through Amerijet’s new customer-focused website, which offers our clients the most sophisticated and user-friendly technology available today.

Our website can be accessed on all types of mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops, and it’s now easier than ever for visitors to use the site to create a MyCargo account.

That allows you to not only get shipping quotes, make reservations, and check Invoices, but also track your shipments all the way from pickup to delivery and manage your cargo shipping online.

For anyone with regular packages that need to be shipped, the entire process couldn’t possibly be easier once they start using Amerijet.

What Are the Benefits of Cargo Tracking?

Today, responsive logistics solutions are no longer something optional. Companies that can offer their customers logistics solutions for shipping can develop competitive advantages and build customer loyalty.

For any business that deals with valuable cargo, being able to track it is just as valuable since it allows you to manage and track cargo anywhere en route.

That represents information that companies can use to improve service by providing It real-time shipping information to their customers, a superior form of customer service today.

With Amerijet’s cargo tracking, businesses can provide clients with accurate information about where their shipment is – anywhere in the world.

It also represents an extra layer of security for each shipment, and it’s one of many reasons why cargo tracking is becoming an integral part of the logistics industry.

Businesses can also monitor the condition of the cargo during transport, including when their packages depart and arrive in key locations, which offers increased peace of mind for both the company and the customer.

Through Amerijet’s cargo tracking system, our customers can track up to five shipments at a time.

Simply enter the shipment tracking number on your Air Waybill, excluding the dash.

No matter if you’re shipping small packages or oversize ones, it’s important to use an experienced cargo shipping company to ensure all your goods arrive intact at their final destination.

You want to work with a company where care is given equally to your packages, regardless of the shipment size or cargo type.

Cargo shipping goes well beyond what normal package mailing does, and an experienced cargo shipping company can send all kinds of items to virtually anywhere in the world.

Amerijet has 45 years of experience expertly transporting goods across the globe, taking great care of everything we manage.

At Amerijet, your shipment’s cargo security is our highest priority, and we’ve worked hard to establish a company culture where freight and cargo security is built into our business.

That includes giving our customers the ability to know where their shipments are while en route. Through your free, user-friendly MyCargo account, it’s so easy that you can handle all your shipping needs from the desk at your office or from your own home.

Just create an account – it only takes minutes to register – and you can control all your shipping needs easily and efficiently – and online. All the decisions you want to make are right at your fingertips.

Why Cargo Tracking is Needed for Shipments

Crago tracking is an important tool for businesses today, which is why air freight shipping with Amerijet is particularly efficient using your MyCargo Account. No matter the shipping service you use from Amerijet, you can track your shipments.

Shipping Services:

Opening a MyCargo account is as easy as using the tools available to you, such as booking and paying for your cargo shipments online, or can contacting Amerijet’s fast and friendly customer support for extra help.

And through your Amerijet MyCargo Account, you have the ability to track your cargo shipments 24/7 – and maintain your peace of mind.

That’s been made even easier with our new website, which lets you access that account anytime, from the convenience of your smartphone.

If you have any questions, call Amerijet today at 1-800-927-6059.

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