Top 5 Ways That Amerijet Quickly Meets Customer Expectations

Top 5 Ways That Amerijet Quickly Meets Customer Expectations

DATE: 03/06/19

Today they have the ability to research information online and conduct self-service, get detailed quotes, and handle bookings on their own.

At Amerijet, customer service is important to us.

Technology has created a lot of remarkable advances that allow us to do things nearly at the speed of light.

Customers have always expected a basic quality of service, like the ability to contact a representative by phone.

Today they have the ability to research information online and conduct self-service, get detailed quotes, and handle bookings on their own.

Everyone shops online today, looks for deals and conducts research – so they come to businesses with higher expectations based on their research.

When a customer contacts a business today, it’s often not with general questions but very specific issues or challenges they need solved and solved fast.

What they’re expecting is proactive service, a highly personalized interaction, and the ability to reach experts who are proven problem solvers.

There’s no question that emerging technologies are influencing the future of the customer experience.

But one factor remains the same: companies need to build and foster brand trust.

At Amerijet International Airlines, we take a lot of pride in having an experienced team of customer service agents who are second to none when it comes to solving problems, assisting the customer in every way possible, and helping that customer feel the highest level of satisfaction after having contacted us.

Whenever a customer needs help or has a question, Amerijet eagerly helps you find a solution.

How Does Amerijet Customer Service Exceed Expectations?

One thing that sets Amerijet apart is the ability to understand new customer expectations.

When Amerijet redesigned its website, our goal was to make it user-friendly and to allow customers to quickly find all the information they needed. We made sure the site was easy-to-use, informative, and responsive to mobile devices.

We know customers are looking for innovative companies that consistently introduce new products and services based on customer needs and new technology.

Amerijet also provides customers with the ability to open a MyCargo account, which lets you book shipments online, track every movement of your cargo, and submit documents electronically.

Amerijet has been a pioneer in adapting to new technologies that customers have come to expect. Understanding customers’ needs is the first step in being able to exceed their expectations.

At Amerijet, we fully understand that customers have options, which is why we train our customer service agents to be experts in shipping, so they know all about the process and can deliver reliable, knowledgeable, dependable and friendly service.

Amerijet’s customer service agents are extensively trained to be courteous, accessible and friendly – and to quickly find and provide solutions.

Customers today are expecting a seamlessly connected journey – from the moment they get connected with a customer service agent, they want to be treated like a person and not a number, and to feel confident that the agent lead them to a successful conclusion.

Customer expectations are rising fast today, and companies can’t afford to be slow in responding.

The amount of information that’s available today to customers means they not only expect more but have every right to do so.

While businesses often say that providing a good customer experience is their top strategic priority, the delivery of that service is what matters most. What sounds good on paper doesn’t always get implemented in a successful manner. And the challenge may be in fully understanding customers’ latest expectations so you can be certain you’re meeting them.

We know today that customers want very personalized experiences, to connect with customer service agents who can guide them through any process that might be confusing.

Customers still want to be able to talk directly with a person even though they have service options available to them online and via mobile devices. It’s that personalization and special touch that customers can’t get online.

The customer service agents at Amerijet fully understand that. We strive to be the very best at delivering first-rate customer service, at understanding our customers’ needs and helping them find the best and most affordable solution.

How Does the Amerijet Team Stand Out?

The ability to exceed customer expectations comes from having a strong system in place for quickly responding to their needs. And it means having workers in place who are experienced and understand how particular problems can be solved.

At Amerijet, our team truly knows how to do something that’s very simple but so critical to providing great customer service: we know how to listen.

And everyone on our team knows how to reassure the customer that this company truly cares about them. We aim to get in front of the issue, be fully transparent, even to walk in the customers’ shoes.

If you don’t know what your customers need, you can’t give it to them.

At Amerijet, we not only want to meet customers’ expectations but we exceed them in unexpected and helpful ways, consistently delivering levels of customer service that shows a staff fully in harmony with our brand image.

And our team excels because they have strong skills in emotional intelligence and communication, giving them the ability to connect with our customers.

We build strong relationships with our customers build on the foundations of honesty, empathy, transparency, and trust. When we get feedback from customers and we use this to improve. Often, it results in the kind of changes that our customers want to see.

We also appreciate every customer that takes the time to reach out to us with feedback and comments.

That’s why Amerijet has a dedicated person who promptly answers customers’ emails, providing written assistance as well.

Amerijet Customer Service

With more than four decades of experience, the team at Amerijet International Airlines has proven expertise and demonstrated our ability to handle every aspect of cargo shipping. Our mission statement is to assist our customers, which we deliver great service, every time.

Our customer service agents offer a lot of services, from making reservations and booking shipments to assisting with international shipments that require different documentation, to informing them of the insurance options that Amerijet provides for each shipment.

To find out more about your global shipping options with Amerijet, call our Customer Service line at 1-877-265-0358 or 305-506-2992, or email us at

Visit our website and open a MyCargo Account. You can feel secure in knowing your packages, boxes and barrels are shipped.

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